SNo.VersionRelease DateDescriptionDocument
1. 2.027-Jan-2016Social Activist Grouping, Social Activist Entry Form, Auto Escalation Report, Action History Disposal Form--Disposal Proof- SMS at the time of Auto Allocation and Escalation Auto Escalation SMS, Samadhan Meeting- Grievance Entry Form--Provision- Configurable SMS-Email Screen- User Profile Management
2. 1.225-Jul-2016Web Services -Review Process- New Report Creation :- Bug Fixes Allocation now possible via by “Allocate for Verification” tab Verification of the grievance by Verify tab without prior allocation . Web Services-Reporting -Tab Creation- “Click here to Map location”: To Show A column with title Adopter and Yes/No Entry option along width sorting provision Web Services- User Profile Management -State Level Users can be mapped with Multiple districts Web Services-Reporting -Grievance Detail Page – Verification action history (DDG verification) shown separately from Sampark grievance action history , Uniform grid view and cell size. Hover view provided for additional content within cells Web Service-Verification -For Mobile web services (application) is integrated with Adopter Verification Web Services - Content- Users -"Initiate Verification" changed to "Allocate for Verification" Reply" tab/caption changed to Verify , Web Services- Database Updation -Slash "/" symbol be replaced with Hyphen "-"Portal Functionalities -Pendency Column Sorting – Sorting to be added to all pendency columns , Summarized pendency status to be sent via SMS(Inbox Status: All dept. Users) Ensured that the Master Forms are compatible with all browsers .
3. 1.325-Jul-2016Web Services - Report Creation -Report Creation – Bug Fixes Web Services- Reporting-Consolidated Verification Report -Downloadable Report created according to given format , Annexure RCV-1-Annexure RCV-1 created according to given format , Column integrity – Separation of columns while exporting Web Services- User Mapping:- State Level Users can be mapped with Multiple districts Web Services - Report Creation :- Specific Report to be created displaying number of grievances that has been verified by various verification authorities. Web Services- Moderation :- For District Users provision to edit grievances for whole district irrespective of Department. Web Services - Reporting :- Bug Fixes- Browser related (Firefox) Bug Fixes- Custom view Web Services- Database Updation :- Dropdown value matching functionalities introduced. Popup showing grievance ID post-match introduced. Web Services- Click here to map location :- Location type district defined to make redundant the practice of ticking multiple blocks to define a district. Portal Functionalities :- Radio buttons added to entry form (grievance, development, filling of vacancies) , Disposed column demarcated (total, rejected, relief) , Bug Fixes – Hindi characters not legible (issue resolved) Bug Fixes – Emails been directed to Spam (issue resolved), Allocated to me count added to SMS pendency reports , Bug Fixes –Upload Document icon not appearing (issue resolved) Bug Fixes- Title not appearing (issue resolved) General features : -OTP verification incorporated Mobile verification incorporated .
4. 1.924-Nov-2015Escalation Matrix Definition , Grievance Action History, Escalation Matrix--> Disposal Right Provision Verification Rights Page, Grievance Processing Rights, Dashboard-->Inbox-->Allocated to Me--> Auto escalated grievance in Different color Dashboard-->Outbox--> Escalated by Me, Dashboard-->Outbox--> Allocated by Me Dashboard-->Inbox--> Escalated to Me, Summarised Pendency SMS Dashboard-->Department Inbox, Dashboard-->Grievance to be Redressed Annexure HOD-1, Allocate for Verification/Verify, Widget, Grievance To be Redressed Widget Grievance Print Option, Adopter Report, Department merge, Bottom Up Approcah, Citizen SSO Disposal Form, Circulars, Grievance Status to Citizen, Forgot Grievance ID, CMO Grievances Release date and release notes, Circular and Announment, Verification Status Detail Report Review and Cross Verification, Consolidated Verification, Cross Verification Report: Designation Wise Pendency Report, MP/MLA Dashboard, Verification Authority Report Role/Rights provision for Dashboard Static Icons on Icon Header Grievance Entry Form External and Internal both, User Profile Management Report: Review and Cross Verification Report Annexure RCV-1 , Custom View: Disposal Sub Type Grievance Redressal Widget, Configurable SMS/E-mail Interface, Dashboard--> Section Switching Provision, Gallery Module, Action Taken Register, Header Footer Uniformity
5. 1.120-Jul-2016Web Services-Dept User Management :- Login to user dashboard incorporated. Widgets according to User rolls can be accessed. User registration for departmental users incorporated. Web Services-Reporting :- Designation Wise pendency Report incorporated in MIS , District & department wise pendency report incorporated in MIS , Column separation while exporting reports Web Services-Citizens:- View Grievance Status functionality incorporated from Homepage Send Reminder functionality incorporated from Homepage , Feedback/Suggestions functionality incorporated from Homepage , Announcements (notifications) functionality incorporated from Homepage , About us page created and content populated , Contact us page created and content populated , Help page created and content populated Portal Functionalities :- Multiple Photos upload provision Full Screen view available on slideshow , Option for the users to view details of the remarks inscribed. Ensured that the portal is compatible with all browsers.
6. 1.1018-Jan-2016Circular , Summarised daily SMS, Verification Rights/Verification Form , Dashboard, Grievance Entry/Extended Location, Social Activist Grouping, Bottom-Up Report for Auto allocation pendency report, Follow Up, All Annexures and Proforma Review and Cross Verification Report, Disposal timeline report, Samadhan Meeting, Grievance Entry Form External and Internal both, Dashboard: Inbox/ Outbox E-mitra Grievance Entry Form, Notice Entry Form, Notice Board (Consolidated Dashboard) Edit Event Rights, Announcement, Grievance entry Form/ In User Registraion : ID Proof Citizen registration form SSO, View Grievance status, Profile update after SSO Grievance Entry Form(All Regitered Citizen User including Social Activist) Grievance ACK slip, Inbox, Department Summary, Release Note, Home Page Dashboard, Moderation List, Bottom Up Approach, Verification Status Detail Report-->Legends